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Do You Want More Love, Romance, Fun and Passion in Your Life?

YES! I sure want to spice up my life with more romance, fun and passion. If you’re looking to fuel your passion, or light the romantic fire in a current relationship, or to take that special someone on a romantic getaway close to home, you've come to the right place.

This site is bursting with romantic tips and ideas, relationship advice and wonderful romantic getaway destinations to ignite the spark of intimacy in your life.

Visit the Romance Shop for love letters that inspire passion, ways to become a Super Kisser, or dance your way to seduction or become a Virtuoso Lover, and learn the secrets to happy, fulfilling, and long term relationships.

I hope the variety of resources available on this site delight and inspire you to add some flava and sizzle to your romantic life.

Start getting in the romantic mood with this video featuring Michael Campbell singing, "Crazy For Your Love."

This site is your guide to becoming a romantic guru by taking advantage of what Georgia has to offer.

From the mountains of Northern Georgia, to the Sea Islands' beaches, to the thriving metropolis of Atlanta, to the quaint towns, to the wine vineyards, to the wonderful people, let Georgia warm your romantic heart.

I have tried to include something for everyone, from the traditional to the wild and wacky; and from budget-friendly to world class.

I encourage you to make romantic magic to capture the heart of that special someone in your life.

Live Passionately,

Donna Beasley


Like the song says, "The greatest thing you'll ever learn is to love and be loved in return." Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could become a great romantic? Who couldn’t use a little advice in the ways of love?

If you answered yes, then let, “The Romantic’s Manifesto: Ten Golden Keys of Romance to Excite, Seduce and Captivate Your Lover,” be your guide to becoming a great romantic. Image and video hosting by TinyPic Click the “Sweet Romance” button on the menu to subcribe to our newsletter and receive your complimentary copy of, “The Romantic’s Manifesto.”

And if you're doing any online dating,where an individual may be dating multiple people, this book will help you stand head-and-shoulders above any competition.

Georgia isn't the only place for finding love... I've been told now by a number of my clients that a great way to find love online is using a service called Findmate to find an asian girlfriend. Findmate has members from all over the world, but is very popular in Asia, so its a great way to meet people and foster a meaningful romantic connection. Good luck to all the online daters out there.

The Romance Blog
The Romance Blog keeps you up-to-date with romantic tips, getaway travel ideas and changes and additions to the website.

Romantic Travel Ezine
The Romantic Travel newsletter is a great source for romantic getaway ideas, specials, and tips in and near the state of Georgia.

Dating Tips
Dating tips, relationship advice, including how-to articles, seduction techniques, kissing tips, plus learn how to attract someone new.

Romantic Love Letters, Kissing, Dancing and Romance
Romantic Love letters, kissing and dancing spark the flame of passion in your relationship.

romance dinners
A evening filled with romance begins with our recommendations for a memorable, romantic dinner date

Romance and Dancing - A Perfect Duet
Romance and dancing, flame the fire of your lover's passion-Go out dancing. Great places to go dancing in Atlanta and throughout the Georgia area. Dancing together the best way to ignite that romanti

Need Ideas for Great Dates?
Great dates, some of the best places in Atlanta and throughout Georgia to go on a date.

Romantic Weekend Getaways
Romantic weekend getaways are great to rekindle romance and enjoy the beauty of nature in Georgia.

Water Sports
water sports for romantic activities on or by Georgia's rivers and coastal areas.

Mountain Getaways
Take mountain getaways in Georgia and explore their natural beauty. You’ll find waterfalls, wineries, rivers, orchards and vineyards and accommodations for every budget.

Writing a Love Letter
Writing a love letter can be a very romantic gesture, one that the recipient will treasure forever. Get started putting your words of love onto paper with these 5 approaches.

Plan A Romantic Night At Home with These Easy Tips
Planning a romantic night at home is the perfect excuse for being adventurous. Start with one of these sensuous tips.

Romance tips links
Romance tips links, advice and relationship experts

Explore Romance At Georgia Wineries
For couples seeking a relaxing, romantic getaway, the wineries and vineyards of Georgia offer pure perfection. When you combine the timeless art of winemaking with the beautiful scenery of the Georgi

Coastal Georgia
From Tybee Island to Jekyll Island to St. Simons Island to Savannah, you will find that there are many different destination choices in Coastal Georgia that can offer you the best in romance and fun.

Atlanta Romantic Getaways
Atlanta Romantic Getaways can fit both your lifestyle and budget. So whether your idea of a romantic getaway is rustic charm, a tailgate party, or luxurious elegance, you’ll find it in Atlanta.

One of the most romantic sports in Georgia is Savannah, and with its bustling tourist areas, beautiful bed and breakfasts and many attractions, it’s easy to see why so many young couples flock there f

Macon-Georgia Soulful Romantic Getaway
Soulful Macon-Georgia is one great place for a romantic weekend getaway to see its fun and vivacious nightlife.

Budget Date Ideas
Budget date tips for almost free fun to impress your sweetie.

About Us
About Us information page for romance-in-georgia, a website for romantic travel

Romance Made Easy
Romance Made Easy is an easy to read and implement guide to becoming a great romantic with proven and simple techniques to ignite passion and enhance intimacy. What every hopeful romantic ought to