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Budget Date Ideas

Need some good budget date ideas because funds are a little tight? These articles will inspire you with some creative solutions that are fun and that will also help your create a memorable impression.

Budget Dates For (Almost Free) Fun

Can you and your honey still have a great time with budget dates this weekend? Absolutely!

My boyfriend just got laid off from his job even though heís got ten years of service. Of course, heís just one of many that have lost their job in the last twelve months. Dinner dates in fancy restaurants or tickets to see our favorite sports team play are no longer in the budget. So that got me to planning what can we do this weekend that doesnít cost a dime and still can be fun and romantic.

Try one of these seven ideas for almost free budget dates.

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Budget Dating - Some of the Most Romantic Dates are Free

If your money is tight, no worries. Budget dating can be just as much fun for a lot less cash

Jetting off to a foreign land with the one you love or eating in a fancy French restaurant while violins serenade you tableside is very romantic. Can you afford this? Even if you can you may be missing out on some of the most romantic dates that can fill you with memories forever.

How many times have you asked yourself what you could do different on your next date? You know if you fumble around indecisively she may perceive you as less than confident.

Being unsure of yourself is not romantic and women do compare their dates with the dates of their friends. Consistently planning boring dates could lead to the final date. Be a leader, take charge and plan your dates with romance and thought, not necessarily with cash and credit cards.

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Frugal Dating Doesnít Mean You Have to Be Cheap!

Can frugal dating be fun? We all would like to plan the dream date and treat our special boyfriend or girlfriend to all kinds of exotic foods and exciting entertainment. Unfortunately, unless you have a substantial income you must resort to being resourceful and think outside the sometimes stereotyped dating box.

Thereís a fine line between being creative and coming across as a cheap tightwad. The last thing you want to do is give the impression that your date is not worth the money you spend. Some do expect you to spend the big bucks. Maybe itís good to discover this early on.

Planning dates with variety is the answer. If you consistently choose cheap dates youíll fall in the category of being thought of as consistently cheap. Save on one and splurge a little on another. Preparation and research go a long way toward a lasting relationship.

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