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Cumberland Island Romantic Getaway

Cumberland Island, Georgia is not one of the most traveled islands of Georgia, but it offers a great deal to a vacationer looking for a romantic getaway from your hectic and chaotic life. The undeveloped beaches and beautiful forests offer you the best of untouched nature to nurture and reconnect with your spirit.

A romantic getaway can do a great thing for your marriage or relationship with your significant other. Taking time away from your kids and/or real life gives you time to communicate and enjoy uninterrupted intimacy with one another.

Pristine maritime forests, undeveloped beaches and wide marshes beckon you with their call to nature. Whether you want to enjoy the untouched beauty from the comfort of a chair on the beach or enjoy it hiking through the forest, you will find great beauty to explore on this treasure of the Golden Isles.

With the over 50 miles of hiking trails through maritime forests, fishing in the freshwater lakes, swimming and kayaking on the coastal waters, you will find a great deal of activity that you can take part in. What if you don’t want to do any activities at all? Then just enjoy the gorgeous sunrise in the wee hours of the morning, bring your binoculars for some bird watching as you lounge on the beach by day, and marvel at the heavens with unobstructed stargazing by night. If your idea of activity is no more strenuous than walking down to the ocean, you will find a pristine white sand beach for this as well.

Cumberland Island, Georgia is the perfect location for you to enjoy the rhythm of nature. On this island wild horses roam at will. Also inhabiting the island, are whitetail deer, raccoons, armadillos, wild pigs, alligators as well as many species of birds, including the occasional bald eagle.

There is no bridge to the island, most people reach the island by ferry which runs twice a day from the mainland (St. Marys, Georgia).

A romantic getaway weekend includes beautiful accommodations as well. The Greyfield Inns was rated by Coastal Living Magazine as one of “America’s Top 10 Romantic Island Retreats.” This beautiful grand mansion is decorated with turn of the century furniture and offers modern amenities for your romantic stay, when you are not out exploring the island. A full breakfast, cocktail hour and candlelight dinner are just a few of the Greyfield Inns wonderful offerings.

Cumberland Island Greyfield Inn

If you have been looking for a way to add magic and excitement to your relationship, a romantic getaway to Cumberland Island may be just the thing to ignite the spark of passion and fuel the flame of romance.