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St-Simons Island - Where Couples Fall in Love

Massive oak trees draping with Spanish moss frame the beautiful streets of St-Simons Island. This natural beauty is the largest of the islands of the Golden Isles. It offers a wonderful backdrop for a romantic trip with your sweetheart; especially if your trip is all about falling in love—again. Let the sun warm your faces and the ocean breeze toss your hair. Take off your shoes and get your toes wet as the two of you stroll hand–in-hand along the shoreline. And be sure to encourage each other up the 129 steps to the top of the St. Simons lighthouse where you’ll be rewarded with a spectacular view of the island and maybe a kiss from your sweetie.

Whether you are an active couple or your interests lean more toward relaxing and enjoying each other, you will find exactly what you are looking for on St. Simons Island. Golf, biking, kayaking, gambling, and enjoying nature are just a few of the activities that you can share with each other or you can choose to just hang out at the beach relaxing. Bicycling is a fun way to get around the island. There are several places to rent bikes including Ocean Motion at 912-634-5225 or Monkey Wrench at 912-634-5551.
The Pier Village anchors the south end of the Island and is the hub of shopping and dining activity for visitors. There are several wonderful restaurants on the island to share a meal—from the fun to the intimate. For casual dining the Beachcomber is the only bar-be-que joint and Dressner’s Village Café is a must for breakfast. Be sure to try the made-from-scratch biscuits. And for fine dining try Delaney Bistro for steak and lamb, Halyard’s Restaurant for seafood and beef and Coastal Kitchen and Raw Bar for wonderful seafood.

Click on the following links for restaurant information:

Beachcomber Restaurant

Coastal Kitchen and Raw Bar for seafood

St-Simons Island Delanerys Bistro

Halyard Restaurant

The Village Inn & Pub is a good choice for romantic accommodations. The room rates average $150 to $245 per night. For luxury accommodations the Beach Bed & Breakfast is a wonderful place for an intimate weekend. Rates range from $320 to $550 per night. For other vacation rentals and condos availability contact, By The Sea Vacations.

St-Simons Island Village Inn and Pub

Beach Bed & Breakfast

By The Sea Vacations

Even the most ardent lover can use some romantic inspiration from time-to-time. St. Simons Island offers you everything that you can imagine in a romantic destination for you and the love of your life.