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Date At Home - Plan to Go Out By Staying In

Going out on the town is fun and everyone should do it as often as possible. But, a date at home night could be just as fun and who knows what it could lead to. With a little imagination and planning, an evening in can be filled with so many memories that you might want to do it often. And, whether you spend a little money or a lot, you donít have to worry about how you dress or how you act. Just be together and enjoy.

Prepare one of your specialty dishes cooked especially for him or her. Nothing says loving like something in the oven that emits a delicious aroma as your mate walks in the front door. Offer a glass of wine or Champaign and lead her to a comfortable seat while waiting for you to serve. Or, let your date watch your finishing touches and be impressed with your culinary skills.

Cook a meal together. During your date at home night, you could keep it simple such as making a pizza or grilling a steak outside on the smoker. Or, you could pick a more complicated recipe from one of your favorite celebrity chefs and try it out. Whether or not the meal turns out well youíll have a great time sharing stories as you cook. Donít forget dessert and soft music for dancing. When youíre home itís easy to dance like nobodyís watching.

Throw a blanket on the ground in the back yard and watch shooting stars. This could be something to do after dinner during your date nigth at home. Conversation seems to come easy at night with a canopy of stars overhead. If you want to kick it up a notch, gaze at the moon and stars through a telescope. You can really impress your date if youíve done a little research on the heavenly bodies and relate a few impressive facts.

Rent a romantic movie and pop popcorn. There are so many romantic movies that are best shared with someone you love (or may learn to love). Some of the oldies may be best such as Casablanca or Night to Remember. And, believe it or not a scary movie can sometimes be romantic and lead to snuggling.

Play board games, cards, and dominos or work a jigsaw puzzle together. Inexpensive games can be found at the local thrift store or at yard sales. Prizes for the winner will make the games more exciting. 3D puzzles are very challenging and can be built to be permanently displayed as a memento of your time together. Serve a few snacks and beverages and your date at home evening is complete.

Fix up a piece of old furniture together you may have found at a garage sale or unfinished furniture store. This may take more than one evening and you can anticipate doing the next step such as sanding, painting or decorating the finished piece.

Each person could decorate with their own particular flare. Even if it turns out looking bad, it was worth it for the time spent together and you can look at it later and laugh. Donít forget to have snacks ready for breaks or order in. With the rising cost of going out, date at home nights are becoming the more in thing to do.