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Ingredients Of A Great Date

Author: Ron Zvagelsky on a great date

The dating scene is full of mixed emotions. For some, it is a time of anxiety, worrying about impressing the other person. Hours may be spent planning, preparing, and primping one's appearance in order to make that first date one that will be memorable, and hopefully, worthy of a second rendezvous.

Others may find dating a time of great anticipation. They eagerly wait until that time arrives, knowing that their partner is going to lavish them with attention, fun, and laughter. But have you ever wondered what makes a great date?

Of course, the first thought that comes to mind is the company. To have a great date, you obviously need to have two people that have a considerable amount of affection for each other. But once you have the right chemistry between two people, it is essential that the setting for the date is one that is sure to please.

Whether it is a restaurant, nightclub, museum, or a stroll on the beach, great dates require planning, yet they still must contain an element of surprise and spontaneity. There are three basic rules that you can use to ensure that your dates will be memorable, enjoyable, and worthy of a second meeting.

Key Rule #1 - Great dates don't have to break the bank

It is important to make sure that you don't overspend when planning your date. If you set your budget too high, then you may be creating unrealistic expectations in your partner. They may expect the same level of standard for each date, so be sure to adequately budget your date and leave the great expenses for special occasions. With that in mind, there are a number of ways that you can plan a wonderful date and save money as well.

Planning a Picnic

A fantastic and not so expensive date is a picnic in a park. Packing your own picnic basket shows that you have really spent time preparing for the date. There are a number of variations that you can use with this date as well. For instance, you can plan a romantic picnic date at night and watch the sunset. Or, if your local park hosts concerts, you can enjoy your picnic, then stay for the concert or other local festivities. Always remember to bring a citronella candle to keep insects away. Another option is to plan the picnic together. You can go shopping for items for the picnic, this allows you to spend some one on one time and helps you learn more about each other's preferences.

Key Rule #2 - First dates should allow for plenty of talking

Getting to Know Each Other

Many people make the mistake of going to the movies on the first date. This is not a good choice for a memorable great date. By the time the movie is over, you have lost two hours of quality time where you could have been talking and getting to know one another. A great alternative to the movie date is the Coffeehouse/Bookstore date. By spending your date in a coffeehouse you will have adequate time to converse. Browsing books is a great way to find out more about your dates interests, tastes, and preferences. Again, it isn't very expensive and if you choose to have something to eat, you can do that as well. This date is perfect for an afternoon, and if all goes well, you may just be finding that your second date is later that evening.

Key Rule #3 - Active dates are fun!

Consider choosing an activity for your first date. Playing sports, boating, hiking, canoeing, or visiting a zoo are all wonderful ways to spend a first date. These dates enable you to learn more about each other, while taking some of the stress and pressure off. You are in a public place, yet can have a certain degree of privacy as you choose. If you both share a common interest in sports then attend a game followed by a nice dinner.

By remembering that great dates don't generally need to be expensive, should allow for plenty of communication, and that the most important quality to having a great date is plenty of fun, you can ensure that your first date will be a success and many more will follow.

About the Author

Ron Zvagelsky has a degree in Business Administration from the University of Southern California. Great Date ideas and Fun Things to Do