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Writing a Love Letter - Five Different Approaches

Writing a love letter can be a very romantic gesture, one that the recipient will treasure forever. But how do you go about putting your words of love onto paper? Will what you want to say end up sounding cheesy, or worse yet, insincere?

Start off by organizing your thoughts. Sit down and make a list of things you love about your partner, why you want to be with them, and what you want to express to them in your love letter. Then think about the approach you want to take. Here are five different ways you can go about putting your thoughts into a truly unique expression of your love.

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Sometimes the best way to express yourself is to be straightforward. It might not be the most romantic or creative approach, but your partner is sure to appreciate that you took the time to write down your thoughts and share them.

Organize your list into categories - personality traits, quirks, physical attributes, etc. Turn each category into a paragraph, starting with "I love you because". This will make your list into an actual letter, rather than a business-like bullet list. If you want to go the extra mile, buy some pretty paper and a matching envelope to deliver your love letter in. If you're a woman, leave a lipstick print on the envelope; if you're a man, dab on a tiny bit of your cologne. Make it as personal as you can, even addressing it using your pet name for your partner.

Even the most conservative among us can manage this sort of love letter, and taking the time to lavish your partner with words of love will not go unappreciated!

Desperately Romantic

By "desperate" I don't mean in a "love you from afar and don't think I can live another day without being near you" kind of way. If this is where you're headed, your intended will be more likely to file a restraining order than deliver your anticipated response. If you aren't actually involved with the person you want to give your love letter to, perhaps going out for coffee or catching a movie together might be the best place to start.

No, the "desperate" in this case refers to how you feel when you and your lover are apart. If the poetic soul in you cries out, longing to be near your partner, you'll want to convey that without being scary.

Unleash your creativity. Think 'Romeo and Juliet', think of the great romantic poets of ages past. Take the list you made of things you love about your partner, and make them sing with prose. Be descriptive; try to capture exactly what your heart is feeling. Drag out the old thesaurus and find the perfect words to convey your emotions.

Elegant paper is the way to go here. Embossed, thick, expensive paper that looks like something a great poet would use is your aim. A matching envelope completes the presentation once you use a real calligraphy pen to write your lover's name artistically on the front. Then think romance for the delivery. Send it along with a bouquet of red roses, or take your partner for a private and swoon-worthy dinner. Make it memorable. Just when they think the date couldn't get any better, present them with your letter, and offer to read it aloud. Your loved one will end up with a permanent reminder of how special they are, and you'll both walk away with a wonderfully romantic and intimate memory of a special date.

Quirky and Fun

Maybe you're unconventional, and want to express yourself a little differently. Don't be afraid to use your imagination! Maybe poems or riddles are more up your alley, or perhaps a fictional story that mirrors your situation would work. Try mailing a multitude of blank greeting cards, each with a different verse you've written proclaiming your love and affection. Send a single red rose each day for a week, each with a card containing fun and unique things you love about your partner.

You are only limited by your imagination. Chances are that your individuality is one of the things that drew your partner to you in the first place, so use that to your advantage and express yourself as the unique person you are!

Traditional and Classic

So you're the type of person who plays by the rules. Nothing wrong with that - let your love letters reflect the way you live your life. Traditional love letters have a few things in common, so here's all you need to know.

Get yourself some lovely stationary and set aside some time and a quiet place to write. Start your letter off with a familiar and affectionate greeting, such as "My Love", or "Dearest Jane/John". Use your regular handwriting and let your thoughts spill out onto the paper. Make it heartfelt and truthful, earnest and touching. Tell your partner how you feel when you're together, and how much you miss them when you're apart. Don't worry about making it perfect, just make it descriptive and more about your partner than about you. Sign your letter with an expression of love, such as "Always yours", or "Forever thinking of you", and then your first name only. This isn't a contract - the intended recipient knows your surname.

A traditional love letter must be sent by post. Remember, historically speaking, love letters were sent to close the distance between lovers as one of them was travelling or at war, or otherwise removed from their place beside their intended. So take your pretty envelope and address the letter by hand. Don't even consider writing the letter or addressing the envelope on your computer. Your handwriting is part of what makes this unique, thoughtful, and special.

Put a stamp on your letter and put it in the mailbox. In a few days, expect a visit or phone call from your surprised and flattered partner!

Hot and Sexy

Sometimes the physical desires just can't be suppressed, and you want to combine romance with something a bit more wild and sexy. You can definitely go this route, but don't forget that romance is first and foremost here. You're not writing a Penthouse letter or pornography, you're expressing your love. Don't make your partner feel like an object, make them feel like a desirable, unforgettable person that you want to spend as much time as humanly possible with.

Start your letter off suggestively, perhaps with a reference to a recent encounter. Tell your partner how much you desire them. Explain why, but don't just list physical attributes. Explain the traits or quirks that they have that endear you to them. Describe the way their eyes look when you stare deeply into them. Profess how much your heart swells when you're laying together holding each other tight. Again, think romance, not porn. Create an aura of suggestion, rather than a detailed play-by-play of the previous nights' escapades.

Drawing hearts or leaving lipstick kisses on this type of letter is very appropriate. Then find an intimate place to leave it, so that only your lover will find it. Maybe in their lingerie/underwear drawer, or on their pillow. Take great pains to make sure that no one else will lay eyes on your letter - the embarrassment would be a lot to handle for your lover, and they may end up being angry with you. That's certainly not the intent of the love letter!

No matter which approach you take to writing a love letter, make it real and from your heart. Make it an expression of who you are, who you feel your partner is, and how important they are to you - and why. Everyone loves to be complimented, and if you can capture genuine and honest emotions and put them into words, you will create a treasured keepsake that your partner can look back on for years and years to come.

Click here for 6 Adoring Love Letter Sample Templates
Written by Carrie Grosvenor. Carrie is a freelance writer from Ontario, Canada, and can be reached at carrie@axess.com.