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Massage Candles - The Miracle Candle For Relaxation And Romance

By Denise Cassaly

What type of massage candles are so many people craving? What type of candle is also becoming a permanent fixture on our bedside tables? The answer is a "Massage Candle", also known as a lotion candle, body candle or body wax. This novel and very sensual candle is the ultimate product to enhance a romantic evening, to enjoy a spa quality experience at home, or to nourish and moisturize your skin.

This body candle appeals to three of our five human senses: the sense of sight, from the romantic lighting created by the glow of the candle; the sense of smell, from the delicate, alluring fragrance it slowly releases; and the sense of touch, as your partner's hands slowly massage the warm and moisturizing massage oil, created by the candle, over your body. Mmmm, so inviting, relaxing, intimate and delectable! I refer to the massage candle as a "miracle candle" due to its marvelous ability to transport you into a magical world of absolute pleasure. Everyone should experience the bliss of being pampered with a massage while using a miracle candle.

In our day-to-day lives, our bodies become overwhelmed with stress and tension from the trials and tribulations of life. And who wouldn't want to have that stress and tension eased by receiving a body massage from that "special person" in our life, especially in the safe, warm and comfortable environment of our own homes? We all crave touch and research indicates that a massage provides a therapeutic effect by relaxing us physically, spiritually and emotionally. This enhances our sense of well-being. When you relax and allow yourself to enjoy your partner's touch, you may even begin to feel amorous and progress to a more intimate level. Either way, a massage candle is a sensational tool that provides the ability to escape and let the world revolve around you. However, what is most precious is a deep awareness of the special person giving you the massage.

How does this massage oil candle work you may ask? You simply light the candle and let it burn for approximately 20 minutes to form a melt pool of massage oil. When it is ready, extinguish the flame and drizzle a small amount of the warm, moisturizing oil onto your partner's body. Next, have your partner massage it directly into your skin. Since the base of the massage oil blend is soy oil (derived from soy beans), it burns very clean and long. Soy oil also burns much cooler than traditional paraffin wax, so the melted massage oil does not get too hot to apply directly to the skin. The massage oil will only be slightly warmer than skin temperature.

Of course, if relaxation and romance is not on your mind, most massage oil candles can also be used without melting as a body balm or lotion. The candle may be used in its solid form by scooping out a small amount with your fingertips and applying it to your skin. When the solid lotion reaches skin temperature it will melt into your skin, releasing its moisturizing properties.

Manufacturers of sensual candles develop them differently based on their own formulas, so you should always check the ingredients prior to making a purchase. For example, in addition to Cosmetic-Grade Soy Oil, our premium quality massage candle contains such skin-nourishing ingredients as; Shea and Mango Butters, Grapeseed and Jojoba Oils, Beeswax, and Vitamin E. This blend of skin nourishing ingredients deeply moisturizes the skin, leaving it lustrous, silky smooth and delicately scented. Massage candles are also an environmentally friendly product, made with all natural ingredients. These candles made with pure essential oils are organic and provide a true aromatherapy experience.

So, whether you are in the mood for romance, wish to enjoy a spa quality experience at home, or desire an excellent skin care product, the massage candle is for you. Once you have experienced this mesmerizing candle, you will find it to be a charming and irresistible product that you too will come to refer to as a "miracle candle". After you experience this unique product, I am confident that you will always have a body sensual candle on your nightstand.

About the Author: Denise Cassaly is the owner of Je T'aime Fragrances, a leading designer, manufacturer, and retailer of Gourmet Scented Soy Candles and Soy Body Massage Candles. Massage Candles information click here to visit her site