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Plan A Sensuous, Low Cost Romantic Night At Home

A romantic night at home isnít as bad as it sounds. In fact, itís easy and low cost not to mention a chance to be really creative. With the chaos of work, kids and bills itís not surprising that todayís couples are spending less and less quality time together. Itís important to make a point of devoting time regularly to the romantic side of being a couple.

Planning a romantic night is the perfect excuse for being adventurous, so donít be afraid to try something new. Stop by an adult store and check out some of the games. Games come in all varieties from the tame and silly to the hot and heavy. What better way to lighten the mood and have some fun? Since youíre already in the store you might as well grab some massage oil. When was the last time you gave or received a tantalizing rub? Let time stop and focus on the moment at hand. These ideas are sexy but not so bold that they will scare anyone off.

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Another wonderfully simple yet astoundingly effective idea to kick off your romantic night is to cook dinner in lingerie. It may not sound like anything special but no man can resist a woman in heels and lacy material cooking him a meal. If you think this is ridiculous give it a try and see. Add a touch of red lipstick for good measure and watch him turn to mush. For a little extra fun give him a ďhands offĒ rule. No touching until after dinner. Now here comes the part where you can be creative with dessert. Fruit and chocolate have been a successful combination for years. Add a touch of whipped cream and abandon your inhibitions.
< What type of candle is also becoming a permanent fixture on our bedside tables?

The answer is a "Massage Candle", also known as a lotion candle, body candle or body wax. This novel and very sensual candle is the ultimate product to enhance a romantic evening, to enjoy a spa quality experience at home, or to nourish and moisturize your skin. Romantic night with massage candles. Read complete article.

Donít pass bubble bath and champagne off as old fashioned or clichť. At the end of a long day a hot soak with the one you love while sipping some bubbly can be the perfect way to unwind. The time it takes to prepare is virtually non-existent. As soon as you see him pull in the driveway, turn the water on and pour two glasses. Itís simple but guaranteed to be effective. When he sees you waiting for him with a smile and a relaxing bath drawn, it will make his night.

The most important element of any romantic night is time. Take the time to enjoy one another and prolong the special moments. Itís not everyday that you can devote an evening to nothing other than adoring one another. And who knows when you will get another chance to forget the day to day and just love? Slow down and remember why you fell in love in the first place. Then close the blinds and let the rest of the world fall away.

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