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Romantic Getaway on a Shoestring Budget

Author: Jonathan Sapling

Are you planning a fun and exciting romantic getaway with the love of your life? If you have been putting off a much-needed getaway together because you simply can't afford it, then we have some great tips and ideas for you on how you can take a romantic getaway on a shoestring budget.

When you have been in a relationship for a while, it is easy to lose the romance and forget that quality time alone together is really important. People also worry that they don't have the money to take a romantic getaway or that they can't afford to take the time off from work. Below are some inexpensive ideas for those of you that need a romantic getaway but don't have a lot of money to spend right now.

Picnic -

Pack a picnic lunch and head out to the park, beach, woods or some other nature spot for a romantic dinner together. You can find a secluded spot under a tree, near a lake or waterfall or some other great place to just sit back and spend some time together and it won't cost you anything at all. Take a break from your work day and steal away for a romantic lunch together.

Lake -

The lake can be a very romantic spot that is typically very inexpensive and will work with your budget. You can look up lakes and recreational areas in your area to find out how you can gain access to them. You might plan a trip for fishing, camping, boat riding or just sitting by the lakeside with the one you love.

Log Cabin -

A log cabin getaway is another affordable getaway option for couples on a shoestring budget. You can typically find a package deal or a seasonal special to lower your rental costs even more.

Beach - The beach has always been famous for its romantic appeal and the best part is that most are free (or very close to free). Pack your sun block and bikini and head out for some fun in the sun with the one you love.

Weekend for Two -

If you are looking for a great idea while on a budget, take a quick weekend for two away from everything. Escape from the busy grind of daily life and enjoy some time just the two of you. You can book a night at a hotel, enjoy dinner and a movie at home or anything else you decide as long as you are doing it together and leave all your worries at home for the weekend.

Fantasy Getaway at Home -

If you don't have the time or the money to take your fantasy getaway, why not try creating it at home? It can be fun and exciting to design your own fantasy getaway at your home with the love of your life. You can decorate your house/bedroom and even get clothing and attire to suit the location. The fantasy can be very sexy and a lot of fun.

About the Author:

Jonathan Sapling is a well-known writer about romantic getaways and relationship improvement. To read more about romantic shoestring budget getaways go to: Best Romantic Getaway Site

Or visit his blog about: Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Love, Marriage and Romance